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Translator’s Dementia


"Translator’s Dementia (TD) – What It Is and How To Recognize the Signs"

--- Quote ---Translator’s dementia (TD, dementia translatoris) is a relatively recent neurodegenerative disorder, believed to be caused by the environment in which freelance translators are forced to live, and by the conditions under which they have to perform various tasks required in their solitary occupation.
Some of the signs and symptoms of TD are listed below.
1.         Compulsive E-Mail Checking Disorder
2.         Compulsive-Obsessive Blogging Disorder
3.         Translator’s Agora Phobia Panic Disorder
4.         The I-Need-To-Lower-My-Rates Symptom
5.         The I-Need-To-Find-A-Safe-Job Syndrome
--- End quote ---
The rest of it is here

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