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History of Translation: Russia


G. S. Bashkov. 500th Anniversary of Russian Translation
Most of the modern Russian authors use in their works the so-called "common Russian ancestry" that includes Kyiv Rus' history.

G. Bashkov shows approach rather rare in Russian History of Translation and dates the first Russian translation back to 1499.
"<...> in 1499 again in Novgorod, under the Archbishop Gennady, the full Bible was translated into the Russian language for the first time. We consider that the first major written translation work into Russian."

The author gives a short account of the  Russian translation up to the 1990-ies, revealing problems of the time - lack of professionals in the publishing industry, low pay rates etc.

Though the article was published 10 years ago and nowadays situation in Russian translation has been improved it is still topical. 


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