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Translator's frustrations


I like this observation:

--- Quote ---As an interpreter, de Bilderling took pride in her ability to simultaneously interpret between several languages. But as time went on, she began to feel alienated by her work. Instead of actively participating in dialogues, her job as an interpreter required her to reside in the background of conversations, often working in an isolated interpretation booth.

“When you’re in the booth, the only thing you interact with is a microphone,” de Bilderling explained. “I studied languages because I really enjoy learning them. But as you work as an interpreter, you feel quite isolated. You’re not part of the communication that’s happening; you’re just in the middle and can’t give your opinion. I was frustrated by this and realized that I didn’t want to do interpretation for the rest of my life.”

Path paved by languages, inspirational interactions by Joe Muntal – The Japan Times, Jan 26, 2020
--- End quote ---


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