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Weather conditions or get your speech scrambled


about to succeed:
I happened to translate outdoors for my client few days ago. I decided to take a walk and it took me up to 15 minutes to get to the arranged place. I got my speech apparatus frozen by then. It was quite difficult for me to translate clearly first 5-10 minutes but it went well then. The sounds I was making seemed weird even to me and I pretty much think they did to my client as well. I'm afraind he could have thought that I'm no longer competent in translation services.
Therefore, here's the queston for you: what should I do or what I should not do next time to avoid such an embarassing situation when translating orally?

Please transfer if misplaced.

Next time come 10-15 minutes earlier to get used to the environment. The same thing in summer - you may have problem coming in air-conditioned room from hot summer street.
In any case, imho, you can tell the client about this problem, even ask for a minute for acclimatization.

about to succeed:
It's all about my practise ... lack of it. Thanks for a piece of advise, I'll take it to my consideration.


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