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about to succeed:
I'm talking about certain specializations of translation. There are a lot of ways to enter a written translation market, which is why it's crucially important to decide now, while a beginner, and it really does matter.
I used to deal with medicine (it had something to do with kidneys and their functions) and I liked it a lot beacause it was rather interesting than boring, even though it was a volunteer work. But there's no need to limit oneself by having only one way to go. Do you think economics will do? What are the most popular ones and which ones are the most profitable as for the future?

Supreme Power:
As for me, I'm not a prophet :) though I think economics will do.
Anyway, the best thing for a novice is to try himself in as many fields as it is possible. This would later help to work in any sphere. IMHO.


--- Quote from: about to succeed on 06 November 2009, 16:48:09 --- What are the most popular ones and which ones are the most profitable as for the future?
--- End quote ---
Nowadays electronics also looks like promising. Though who knows what they invent tomorrow - but medicine will be important forever.

about to succeed:
Last time when doing test translation I picked geology. It was way more interesting than medicine for me personally and there were no troubles in understanding and translating itself, though I'm still working on other fields of translation.

about to succeed:
I was working on Gas & Oil few days ago. It was quite interesting I must admit, even though it took quite a lot of time. Every word was a new one for me, and I'm very curious about what their answer will be. Anyway, I don't feel any regrets about doing that translation =)


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