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What software do you use?

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about to succeed:
I'd like to learn about software that would be useful for me, as a translator. Please tell the exact name of the product you deal with which you think is the best one. I've heard about Trados, CAT and some others, and it seems for me those are not free. They charge for it 150 USD. Is Multilex 4.0 already out of date?

Never used CAT tools, but I don't do much written translation.
As for Multilex 4.0 it's still fine (perhaps because I still use it  ;)). In any case one dictionary isn't enough - use Collins, Lingvo ...

about to succeed:
I downloaded Trados 7 yesterday. The only thing left to do is to figure out the way it works :D

Are you a Trados 7 expert already?  ;)
Anyway, better start with Readme file, or Trados Manual/Tour, whatever it has.

Here are some Manuals for Trados including Trados Manual for Dummies.


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