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сало — англійською?


Часом непросто перекласти/пояснити іноземцям такий атрибут українського столу, як сало. Словникове "fat", або "green bacon" не дає повного розуміння. От, як пояснює це слово американець:

--- Quote ---...salo, or pig fat, a Ukrainian special and rumored cure-all. Think of the strips of fat on the edge of your bacon and imagine them alone.
--- End quote ---

Visiting Free Ukraine: A Journey Through the Shadows of History

Огляд теми сала і навколо неї для аудиторії Al Jazeera.

--- Quote ---salo, one of Ukraine's favourite foodstuffs that emblemises the ex-Soviet nation, its people and their culinary preferences.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---One can also order a lard figurine of Elvis Presley or "Marilyn Monroe's lips" made of raw pig fat and served with ice cream and fruit. If that does not sound exotic enough, one can try salo jam or chocolates with a tiny, marble-white piece of lard inside.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Huge slabs of fat are taken from a pig right after slaughtering and the salo is consumed raw, smoked, peppered, brine-fermented or fried.
--- End quote ---

Salo: Ukraine's greasy national symbol by Mansur Mirovalev. — Al Jazeera Media Network. — 2 Feb 2020.


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