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Edogawa Rampo
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Hirai Taro (1894-1965) known as Edogawa Rampo, the Japanese  “Edgar Allan Poe”.

Eugene Thacker. Defining J-Horror: The erotic, grotesque ‘nonsense’ of Edogawa Rampo

Since the 1956 publication of Rampo’s first English-language translation, “Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination” (the result of a close collaboration between Rampo and translator James Harris), numerous film, TV and manga adaptations of Rampo’s stories have been produced. Of these, Teruo Ishii’s 1969 film “The Horrors of Malformed Men” (based on several Rampo stories) stands out, with hallucinatory performances by butoh maestro Tatsumi Hijikata.

Rampo’s influence on modern horror has been further cemented by recent English translations of his work, including hard-boiled murder mysteries in “The Black Lizard and Beast in the Shadows” (2006), the surreal sci-fi novel “Strange Tale of Panorama Island” (2010) and “The Edogawa Rampo Reader” (2008), which includes his fiction and nonfiction writings spanning more than 50 years.

— The Japan Times Online. — Jan 7, 2017